Wine into Water

2012 Japan Wine Challenge Gala Dinner and Wine into Water Charity Auction Grand Hyatt Tokyo February 3, 2012

Who we are

Wine into water (W2W) is a Japan-registered NPO, which raises funds through wine-related events to provide drinking water for those with nothing.

For 16 years the Japan Wine Challenge has been the largest wine competition in Japan and most prestigious in Asia. Leading wine companies from across the globe participate. Reflecting our roots in the beverage world, we believe the time has come to create own NPO Wine into Water - the latter's mission is to channel the funds raised annually by the Japan Wine Challenge Charity Auction and related events in Asia into specific projects for providing clean water to communities which did not have it.

More about us


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Relief for earthquake victims in Tohoku, Japan

476 pallets of water / beverage, tonnes of food and 2 pallets of toys delivered.
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Wells for families / communities in China and Cambodia

Each well supplies 5 families of 6 persons for 20 years.
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2015 Plans

* Capping springs in 5 communes in Ethiopia
* Continuing well building and vocational training in Cambodia
* Building more wells in Sichuan Province, China
* Building wells in Mindanao in Philippines
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