Who We Are

Wine into water (W2W) is a Japan-registered NPO, which raises funds through wine-related events to provide drinking water for those with nothing.

For 19 years the Japan Wine Challenge has been the largest wine competition in Japan and most prestigious in Asia. Leading wine companies from across the globe participate. Our international judges comprise the movers and shakers of the wine world, many of them household names. Over the years we have developed an equally impressive core of seasoned Japan-based judges. Our primary goal is the development of wine education and understanding in Japan, to the benefit of wine trade and consumer. We work closely with the leading international wine educational bodies, specifically the Institute of Masters of Wine, the Wine and Spirit Educational Trust, Le Guide Bettane & Desseauve des Vins de France, and the San Francisco International Wine Competition. Our sponsors include Grand Hyatt Tokyo, Conrad Tokyo, Riedel, Virgin Atlantic, Dometic, VOSS water. At our Gala Dinner and Charity Auction we have for the last many years raised over Yen 10 million annually for deserving Japan-based charitable causes. Our list of supporters is too long to name individually. Reflecting our roots in the beverage world, we decided the time had come to create our own NPO Wine into Water - the latter's mission is to channel the funds raised annually at the Japan Wine Challenge Charity Auction and related events in Asia into specific projects for providing clean water to communities which did not have it. In effect, those fortunate enough to be able to appreciate and love fine wines can "give back" and restore dignity to individuals, families and communities who do not have access to the most basic and important of all beverages - everyday drinking water. Accordingly, on 17th January 2011 we established a Japan-registered NPO, Wine into Water.

  • Ronald Brown
  • Gregory Clark
Members of our International Advisory Board
  • Darren Gall
  • Rupert Hoogewerf
  • Guy Hutchinson
  • Cory Winter

Our Vision

In 2012, our objective was to generate Yen 10 million every year to provide water for communities who do not have it. In 2011, our objective is to provide shallow wells in Cambodia and Sichuan Province, China - each well costs up to Yen 100,000 and can fulfil the everyday drinking requirements of 5 families.

At our Wine into Water charity auciton in Tokyo on 3rd February 2012, we raised enough money to fund 100 wells in Cambodia. Materials have been purchased, sites prepared, and the actual construction of the wells will take place in the dry season from November 2012 to February 2013. Each 20 metre well supplies 5 families of 6 persons (total 30 persons) with clean drinking water for 20 years.

Wine into Water will then have completed its initial mission in Cambodia of providing 100 wells which can supply 5,000 persons with water for 20 years.

At our Wine into Water Charity Auction in Shanghai on 20th July, 2012, we raised sufficient funds to build 237 wells in Sichuan Province.

Our ambition is to allow every year 10,000 deserving persons to enjoy a life style they can currently only dimly imagine. Providing water is the first stage - we are currently putting in place a vocational training programme which will allow selected young adults from the villages of Pursat to attend a 2 year vocational training programme in the hospitality business, with subsequent job positions guaranteed at major hotels in Phnom Penh. This is the logical extension of our programme, and not only will provide/train Cambodia's new wine professionals, but will give the much needed skills for the rapidly emerging Cambodian tourist sector which is recognised as the No. 1 engine for Cambodia's economic growth.

The monies raised at our Wine into Water Charity Auction held on 15th February 2013 at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo are being used for funding well projects in Mindanao in the Phillippines.