Our First Mission - Relief for earthquake victims in Tohoku, Japan

Although it is envisaged that Wine into Water's main focus will be in the developing countries, almost immediately after the establishment of our NPO came the Tohoku earthquake of 11th March 2011 with its appalling aftermath. For those countless persons without shelter and homes, the most pressing requirement was drinking water, particularly in the area affected by the radiation where it proved almost impossible to deliver. W2W has been able to date to deliver approximately 700,000 bottles of water and several tons of food and children supplies directly into the affected Sendai, Ishinomaki and Onogawa areas - a small but meaningful start to the implementation of our mission.


Wells for families / communities in Cambodia, China and the Phillippines

Sichuan Province China :

In 2011, we decided to expand our activities to China, raising funds at our China Wine Challenge awards ceremony, gala dinner and charity auction to provide clean drinking water for communities in China who do not have it.

In 2011, we worked with Operations Blessings China to build 7 wells in Lezhi County, in Sichuan Province. Although Sichuan Province has plentiful rainfall, drinking water comes from shallow wells which are exposed to animal waste, pesticides and other agricultural chemicals. These are harmful to villagers's health and cause serious illness. Deeper wells (12-15 metres deep) with covered frames are essential. The average villager income is RMB930 per annum, and the cost of a well is RMB3,500, so outside help is required!

At our China Wine Challenge Awards Ceremony and Gala Dinner/Charity Auction held on 20th July 2012 at the Hilton Shanghai, almost 200 wine lovers were present. With our partners the Hurun Report, we put together an astonishing array of unique and generally wine-related auction items. Through the energetic auctioneering of Andrew Caillard MW, ably assisted by Yvonne Yang of the Hilton Shanghai, our guests reached deep into their pockets. We were able to raise RMB680,000, enough for the construction of 237 wells. These have been constructed in Qingqauansi Village, Hullan Town, Lezhi County, Sichuan Province - the work began on August 15th 2012 and were completed 31st December 2012.


Cambodia :

  • 34% of Cambodians earn less than $1 / family / day.
  • 45% of people in Pursat Province get water from rivers and ponds - many die from Cholera, Typhoid, Dysentery.
  • A visit to the clinic costs $25.
Pursat Province :
  • The land mines were cleared 3 years ago, but nothing remains – except for hope.
  • MAY 2011 – JAN 2012 : Our 2011 – 2012 goal was to raise funds in Japan to build a minimum of 100 wells in Pursat Province, Cambodia.
    • We built 50 wells in Pursat Province, Cambodia and remitted money to build a further 50 wells in the dry season later this year.
    • Each 20 meter well supplies 5 families of 6 persons (total 30 persons) for 20 years.


    2013-2016 Plans

    In 2013-2016, we will expand our Cambodia programme and are building wells in Mindanao in the Phillippines.